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  1. Apples
    Apple production in Canada is moving towards sweet varieties form the more traditionally tart tasting varieties. Sales for the last few years are mainly comprised of Honeycrisp, Gala, and Amborsia
  2. Cherries
    Due to sensitivity to spring frosts and untimely rains, sweet cherries can be grown commercially in only a few areas in Canada. Ontario produces 11 % of the Canadian production
  3. Pears
    Pears grow best in areas with mild winters and warm growing conditions. While pears can withstand low temperatures, anything below -30°C can cause long term damage
  4. Peaches/Nectarines
    Peaches should be located within 3-4 km of a body of water, for temperature moderation, to protect against frost and extreme cold during the winter. Peaches are grown at their northern limits.
  5. Apricots
    Of all apricots imported to Canada are brought to Ontario, a value of $8.5 million; Ontario only has 52 acres of mapped apricot orchards, a tremendous opportunity for commercial growers.
  6. Plums
    In Canada, most of the plum/prunes that are grown are Italian types or Japanese types. There are almost 400 acres of plums/prunes planted in Canada.